I think I pretty much laid out what I think about the direction of the Die Hard franchise clearly when the director was selected and the first plot synopsis emerged. It boils down to… well, nothing really. I don’t think about it at all.

Regardless, your favorite studio CEO Tom Rothman made an appearance on a sports show this morning (Jim Rome) and dropped a few mostly useless details that did happen to include the new title:

A Good Day To Die Hard

Surely that will invite a wide range of reactions, but I definitely land on the “it’s dumb” side of things. The other new detail is that film will start shooting in January for a Valentine’s Day release in 2013. The story remains the same globe-trotting affair that takes McClane to Russia to fetch his son before terrorism happens, even if I’m seeing inexplicable claims that these are new details (the kid’s in jail… I guess that’s new).

There’s no decision on a rating, no decision on casting for John McClane’s son, and apparently no one has wised up and decided to keep Lucy Gennaro McClane involved so that Mary Elizabeth Winstead can stay a part of things. That was my suggestion for the one vaguely interesting thing the film could do, but instead they’re going the Mutt route. Hell, Bruce could team back up with his Looper co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I still don’t think this would sound like a good idea. Although…

Hell, they're probably just adapting the ABDUCTION 2 script over for DH5 anyway...

Perfect! They deserve each other. I think we’ve found our answer.

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