Well, we didn’t need to wait until Superman Returns or a Comic Con announcement to catch the trailer for Spider-Man 3, thanks to Sony already getting it online in wondrous Quicktime format.

And it ain’t just some weak little teaser — this is a pretty meaty¬†glimpse at the flick, which is still almost a year away from swinging into theaters (the pain!). And it looks like an all-out superbrawl, with Spidey throwing down with Sandman, Venom, an unhelmeted Harry as the new Green Goblin, and… himself, apparently. Unfortunately, Mary Jane is still Kirsten Dunst.

Although I understand¬†Raimi’s thought process as to having his hero get all introspective and face his personal demons through an antithetical adversary, I’m still not sold on the use of Venom — at the very least the more monstrous comic version would’ve made for some interesting visuals. But droopy-lidded love interest aside, the movies really haven’t disappointed yet.