These numbers suck a dick.

Folks, we need you. We’ve been doing these weekly CHUD videos for a while now and though they’re ultimately fleeting and silly, a lot of energy and time goes into them. There’s a very solid and vocal minority among you who are there every week and we love doing it for you guys (Bucho, Joseph Kahn, Minimejer, etc) but the numbers have gone down, not up.

We need them to go up.

Keep this in mind: YouTube is neat, but for the most part YouTube views help YouTube a lot more than CHUD. For ease of access it makes sense to use YouTube, but sharing the CHUD links and Tweeting them DOES help us because it leads folks to the site (and boards, and talkbacks, etc.).

So, if you want us to keep doing them, maybe have a peek at the episodes and whatnot. See if it’s worth supporting.

Either way, they’ve been fun to do and a great exercise. No hard feelings either way.