Robert Rodriguez’s half of Grind House (the zombie massacre Planet Terror) is practically finished, and the focus is now shifting to Quentin Tarantino’s “slasher” flick Death Proof, in which a misogynistic psycho uses his muscle car to exterminate the fairer sex.

We previously heard that Mickey Rourke and stuntwoman Zoë Bell (read a bit more about her HERE) would be among the cast, but QT has apparently also enlisted multitalented mocha beauty Rosario Dawson as well. CHUD reader ‘Skinflint’ heard her admit to such on Fanboyradio, during which she claimed that she’s also bringing along her Rent co-star Tracie Thoms to be part of the energetic directing duo’s insane experiment. No details as to their roles were given, but considering the subject matter of Tarantino’s flick they’ll likely meet grim fates.

Just how nutso is this thing gonna be? Tarantino and Rodriguez are so intent on capturing the sensation of watching a poor print of an exploitation flick in a rundown theater that they’re purposely "damaging" their movie. “In my film, we have a missing reel,” Rodriguez told EW (interview HERE). “A sign comes up in the second-half that says ‘Missing Reel.’ It’s like you went on a 20-minute bathroom break and you come back and all hell’s broken loose.”

And you know those fake trailers we keep hearing about that’ll be sandwiched between the two mini-features? Those won’t be all QT and RR — Hostel guy Eli Roth and Shaun of the Dead mastermind Edgar Wright are also each donating two minutes of cheesy carnage and lunacy.