Just about the only constant with the undead: they always need killin’. Scotsman Gerard Butler feels he’s the right guy for that kind of job, so he’s slipping into the sixguns and, um, holy garments for the Screen Gems vampire western Priest.

The movie is based on the Tokyopop graphic novel series by Min-Woo Hyung, and follows a warrior priest (Butler) riding the dusty trail with a young sheriff (played by brooding Sky High flamethrower Steven Strait) and a female cleric to track down a gang of bloodsucker bandits who kidnapped one of his kin. The Amityville Horror remake’s director Andrew Douglas is sticking with the supernatural for this one, while Sam Raimi and Michael De Luca are among the producers.

The project joins several other high-concept Western genre blenders that involve everything from aliens to zombies to giant worms. I wish someone would just adapt Joe Lansdale’s book "Dead in the West" and be done with it.

Butler will next be seen fighting the entire Persian army alongside 299 other dudes in the adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300.