Here’s something nifty, particularly for readers of my sporadic Underground column: an independent sci-fi short film with some rather snazzy looking homebrewed special effects and obvious talent on display. It’s called The Ore, and is made by a guy who not only knows his stuff and this site, but someone whose work I’ve previously given props for a zombie short called Texas Fortune (right HERE!).

Anyway, here’s the official skinny on The Ore:

Fossil fuels are depleting, and the Maven Council is facing a global crisis… Elsa, a young woman who lost her son four years ago, receives an unsettling clue as to his fate. As she seeks the truth, her path converges with a greater force – a plan that could soon culminate in a massive worldwide evolution.

The Ore is a science fiction short written and directed by Sam Balcomb & Jesse Soff. The DVD, which contains over two hours of special material including making-of featurettes, interviews, and tutorials, is now available for pre-order only on

That get your drill spinning? Want to snap up one of these stacked discs and give some love to some HD indie sci-fi? Hit that link below, and include your full name and mailing address and we’ll see how deep you go. Find out more about the flick and the DVD at the official site: