It’s funny that both G.I. Joe and Dredd began their production cycles with early glimpses of costumes that incited… shall we say, “underwhelmed” reactions? The punchline is that now there is a similar set of rumors for Dredd that popped up during G.I. Joe‘s post-production: that the director has been kicked off the project amidst disagreements how to salvage shoddy footage.

Contrary to the G.I. Joe debacle, which was mostly over-hyped speculation (read: internet bullshit) and didn’t reflect the ultimate reality of the enjoyable/forgettable blockbuster, these rumors are being declared with much more authority. Coming from the LA Times, their film blog is claiming an exclusive profile of a production in chaos: the director is estranged from the production, a writer and set of producers are overseeing editing with one so involved he is apparently considering petitioning for co-directing credit, and the studio is considering reshoots for the Karl Urban vehicle.

Other sources paint a different picture in which Peter Travis is keeping up with the production remotely, suggesting that the truth of this whole thing may lie somewhere between apocalyptic disaster and mildly awkward. That tends to be the case in these things, once the blogging hyper-cycle fades away and the most [adjective] in the history of [nouns] instinct relaxes.

I guess we’ll see what story (and crediting arrangement) shakes out once the reboot hits theaters, though that’s not supposed to be until September of next year.

I’m still just waiting to see a production shot that doesn’t look silly as shit.

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