It was time. This week we decided to take a look back down memory lane and collect as many amazing moments from what has become a network TV season’s worth of episodes. There was way more than we could cram in 15 minutes, but what you’ll find is a hearty collection of your favorite segments, movie parodies, acts of violence, chunks of out-of-context racism, and an extended sequence of filth (seriously, the green bordered segment towards the end is as densely audio-NSFW as possible). It’s good for man and nature.

Ultimately these videos are a huge investment of time, so consider this our reminder and celebration of how much material has accumulated in these video throughout the last six-months. We need your support to continue though, and that comes in the form of feedback: sharing the video on your various outlets and generally spreading the word. We need eyeballs to justify the time!

Thanks so much for watching folks, and here’s to another six months of weekly greatness…