It’s amazing what real sets and costumes will do for fairy tale movie. Take note Tim Burton.

Relativity has now managed to set the tone for 2012: the year of Snow White, as they’ve got a nice flashy Entertainment Weekly spread and some photos on Yahoo giving the world its first look at Tarsem Singh’s project. The studio of course spent several weeks dueling with Universal over a release date, and finally settled on a march date that will take them out of the summer but give them first blood in the marketplace. The thing is, March isn’t such a terrible date for making money anymore, and we’ve seen this summer slaughter some movies that might have otherwise been moneymakers with over-crowded weekends.

That said, Universal and their June 1st date have the advantage of a Twilight star (and one a little more crossover bankable than the useless werewolf) and a far more interesting cast filling out the seven dwarfs roster. They also got the first image out there, but it’s a fairly unremarkable shot of Kristen Stewart riding a horse (and last time a director turned a fairy tale heroin into a war hero, that didn’t turn out so hot).

Regardless, these looks at Tarsem’s film are quite vivid and do have Julia Roberts fitting perfectly onto the throne of an evil witch. Armie Hammer looks more than dashing in his fantasy prince get-up, and Nathan Lane looks like Nathan Lane. Combine all that with the unique vision of Tarsem applied to another mainstream Hollywood film and I will admit to being fairly intrigued, if not actively eager, to see the film.

Let us know what you think after you take a look at the rest of the photos…

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