With so many ghosts busted and vampires dusted, Hollywood needs more supernatural entities to slaughter. Up next, the witch!

Director Dave Meyers, who’s currently replacing Hauer power with Bean badness in New Line’s remake of The Hitcher, is already setting his sights on Witch Hunters, a project rewritten by Joe Ballarini (from a spec called Witchfinders by Shane Bitterling and Justin Stanley). The only story description is that it’s “a Pirates of the Caribbean-type pic set in the world of witchcraft and black magic”. Does that mean it’s a period piece like Witchfinder General or Brothers Grimm, or just a contemporary globetrotting adventure that happens to involve spellcasters? I don’t know, my scrying pool is full of algae. (UPDATE: The story is indeed a "17th century swashbuckling horror flick", and an homage to Hammer movies with a fair amount of historical facts.)

Man, those sorceresses just can’t get a break. The witch (or “female warlock” as some might say) has long been persecuted, what with all the burning and that baffling water-immersion detection system back in the day, and suffering wicked depictions in books, movies and Eagles songs (oddly TV seems to love them, though that may depend on how you feel about Elizabeth Montgomery, Alyson Hannigan and Alyssa Milano).