Yesterday I was pleased to post up a War Horse trailer that really turned me around on the movie. While I was quite naturally happy to watch a Spielberg film, it wasn’t something that was high on my anticipation list until yesterday’s more widely-scoped trailer. Today MSN nabbed an exclusive new TinTin trailer that almost manages the same: it’s shorter than the teasers and yet explains the story more effectively and serves up a much greater action appetizer.

As dubious as their approach to it has so far seemed, there’s no doubt that Tintin is firmly planted in Spielberg’s wheelhouse. The action promised here is the classic, Indy-style madness that takes place on land, sea, and air across great distances. It promises that classic adventurer action filled with momentum and stretching across an entire city or desert at a time.

I like what I see here, but my doubts remain that the actual performances will be hindered by the technology. It’s all coming down to your taste for motion-capture it seems, as the Beard does not seem to have phoned in his work out on location or in the mo-cap studios. If you’re willing to roll with both the horse and the weird-eyes, then an exciting end of the year is in store…

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