Occasionally I am asked by people with little sense to come and blab about movies on their podcasts. In such a case I do my best to represent CHUD strongly, but it’s just as likely that I come off as a great giant asshole. Who knows? That said, it’s possible you might be curious to hear a small bit of the site creeping and infecting film discussion outside of the sewer and two recently posted pods offer you a chance to do just that. Obviously this is shameless promotion of me, but again, I do my best to do you guys proud when I venture out. And while none of these podcasts could ever boast the insane charm of our own CHUD Show, there are some very nice, CHUD-affiliated people involved with both of these shows, as an added bonus…


Director’s Club Podcast (Wachowski Episode)

This is a podcast run in part by CHUD luminary Patrick Ripoll, a fixture on the boards for many years, and more recently a contributor to the front page through awesome Exhumed recaps. He and co-host Jim Laczkowski do a fine job of discussing a specific director each episode, and they’ve already built up a good library of film discussion. Oftentimes they will have a guest on the show, and this case a discussion of The Wachowski’s meant that I had a word or two to contribute. My enthusiasm for The Matrix is what led me into this industry and ultimately brought me around to typing this out for you now, and I’ve been an ardent evangelist for Speed Racer since its release. You can hear us talk about both right here.

What I like about DC Podcast is the good mix of just enough focus and just enough looseness that gives the conversation a good tone. Hopefully I didn’t drag down their hard won dynamic during my appearance.


Tunable.fm’s Movie Podcast (Star Wars, The Thing, Hugo, and more!)

Tunable is an effort of Joshua Massre, a fine gentleman who helps keep CHUD running in ways that you hopefully never see. A fine programmer and all around computer knowitall, Josh hosts a number of tech podcasts on his new pod network, and he also maintains a weekly movie-related show. This week Josh had me on to speak generally on the news of the day, which includes everything from the state of Star Wars, to a look at Scorsese’s Hugo, to discussing the idea of remake of remakes. I hope you enjoy it, and you can catch it right here.


So that’s it. Enough of me, but be sure to check out those other delightful shows when you have a commute to fill.

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