I said in June that there was no time like the present for Aronofsky to make his Noah film– the large-scale passion project that he’s been talking about as long as he has made movies (and likely tumbled around in his brain long before that). Well, it’s now confirmed that the major studio negotiations that were revealed in June and sparked those thoughts have now closed: Paramount and New Regency will be behind the genius director’s $130m biblical epic.

The iron remains hot, and it’s been struck. The plan is to get the film geared up by the spring, with John Logan rewriting Aronofsky and Ari Handel’s script. Aronofsky will obviously still direct as well as produce.

I can’t wait for cameras to roll on this. As I said last time, I truly believe Aronofsky belongs making small, intense films, but he should be empowered to make films of any scale. But regardless of the success of this project, as long as Aronofsky gets to make it his way then it will all be worth it. One day we will have the film, it will be ours, and even if Aronofsky has to return to the lowest of budgets, we can simply expect to keep getting films as brilliant as The Wrestler and Black Swan. There would be little tragedy in that.

For now let’s raise a toast that one of the massive studio blockbusters that will be covered incessantly gets to be a project as interesting as this. It’s weird that Logan is rewriting the script, but he’s not an untalented guy and this will ultimately all feed back into and out through Aronofsky, so what’s to worry about?

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Source | Deadline