Cue: Hugh Jackman trotting off into the sunset, claws extended. Suddenly, from out of frame, Darren Aronofsky walks and embraces the actor. The two turn and continue off into the horizon together. It all came together in the end.

Speaking on various red carpets and doing interview for Real Steel, expect to hear a lot of morsels about the Wolverine sequel over the next couple of weeks. It’s already begun with questions about start dates and scripts, with Jackman clearing up a few things with Collider.

First of all, the actor implicitly dismisses any ambiguity about the movie progressing by stating that the movie will begin the moment he’s completed work on Les Miserables. He also clarifies how much restructuring has been done on the project since Aronofsky walked and James Mangold took over the project, with Mark Bomback rewriting.

“We had a script that was under Darren Aronofsky’s directorial—it’s 85 percent the same.  Darren took it in a Darren Aronofsky way and it’s a version I know fans would have liked to have seen – I would have loved to have seen it.  James Mangold’s version of the script brought Mark Bomback on. We always had a strong base there.  This is the best script we have had, which is precisely why Darren signed on.”

The actor continues on to say that Aronofsky thought it was the best comic script he’d ever read, inspiring us to hope the best parts of that script weren’t in the 15% that’s been chucked out. Remember that it was Christopher McQuarrie that wrote the original script under Aronofsky’s guidance, so it’s not as if there’s some pure, sacrosanct Aronofsky screenplay that they’re unnecessarily tinkering with anyway. At the end of the day Jackman can promise the script is as good or better, but it’s an undeniable fact that they have a low bar set for being better than the first film, but a high bar to pass to get anyone excited. At this point I’m fairly certain we’re not going to get another piece of over-funded DTV trash like last time, but there’s still a lot of mediocre to climb through before they bring the character back into a good movie.


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