Well guys, after just 50 years, The Avengers have finally made it. They’ve reached the true mark of the pinnacle of success, passed the goalpost of true cultural relevance that marks the beginning of a media frenzy… they’ve been poorly photographed and comped shittily onto an Entertainment Weekly cover!

Fuck yeah consistent lighting!

The cover hit the web this morning with a cacophonous WUMP and has been enraging geeks in the hour since. But I say, “fret not!”

In fact, I say, “Rejoice!” for your beloved heroes have finally taken their place in a long and storied history of gracing the cover of a national publication that puts as much efforts into their covers as a studio marketing department puts into the art they print on trapper-keepers, binders, and posters that sell for $5 at Wal-Mart. For EW bad composition, shitty typograpy design, retarded headlines, ¬†and poorly lit/poorly composited photoshop jobs aren’t mistakes… they’re an aesthetic. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of the other covers from over the years that baffled anyone with a working set of eyeballs. Not every single cover is of a superhero, as I just couldn’t pass up a few of these babies. And if you feel like I missed something, let me know on twitter and I’d be happy to update.

Otherwise, see you in the comments!

Ah the stock textured photo background, photoshop glow, and over-lighting a costume to death... a true hero's standard for EW. Served them well for 20+ years.

I think they were less concerned that Bond wasn't returning as that he might be making a cameo in the Paranormal Activity franchise. I assume that's why they comped that poster in behind him. Also, Daniel is looking positively radioactive, even for EW.

Another glowy blue background, but this time a hyper-corrected alien in front! To be fair, Spock's a smooth-ass Vulcan... But get it? They're all ears! (Because Vulcans have silly ears, you can even see that the tip overlaps the E!

Sometimes even the biggest of effects companies has some crossfire, and in this case a DISTRICT 9 comp got run through an half-assed AVATAR pre-viz. Poor Sharlto.

I noticed "bobbleheads" being thrown around about today's Avengers cover. They've got a long history of unflattering poses, and it's happened to the best...

That said, they've managed to fuck up Iron Man from all angles.

Get it? They're zany! And Cooper is "holding things together." LOLfuck

I'm not one to argue about the sanctity of TWILIGHT imagery, but even fuckmyface deserves better than this baffling piece of work.

EW loves 'em a Superhero group. So many different scales, lighting sources, photo distances, and image qualities to cram together!

This is from EW's "avant-garde" period of proportion and human posing. It's a shame this version of the franchise didn't take off, and Routh never had another chance to stand around and point his fist skyward. I LOVE HIS LEFT ARM.

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