I’ve found that the mediocrity of 30 Minutes or Less has bothered me less because of what it means for that actual film, and more because it naturally diminished some of my enthusiasm for Ruben Fleischer. Zombieland is no revelation or anything, but it’s a really well put together action film and I was pleased to see the director branching out right away. All that said, I’m still no less excited for Gangster Squad, simply because Warner Brothers was acting like they had a hell of a script with their enthusiastic courting of some of the best directors they have relationship with. Now it’s actually shooting with a crazy cast that includes Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte, Michael Pena and many more actors who are all likely to at least look sharp. Gosling could certainly be an overexposed presence by this time next year, but does anyone have any doubt that he won’t own those 1940s LA affectation?

In any event, Warner Brothers seems to be confident in what they’re seeing already, as they’ve moved the date of the films release out of 2013 and into mid-fall of next year, specifically October 19th. That’s just the right time to put all those performances and the film itself out there when they can get easy awards traction. Whose to say if that’s actually their plan, but it would certainly match their enthusiasm thus far.

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