Big fan of The Walking Dead on AMC and curious how that whole apocalypse thing went down? Well it turns out that not only will you be able to find out, you’ll be able to do so before the second season starts by way of a promotional web-series. Looking at the ratings of last year’s season, I’m sure there are more than a few people excited about the show’s return despite the AMC shenanigans with Frank Darabont and the… dubious¬†consistency of the writing of the first season (I’m tying to be nice). Those folks will have the treat of six web episodes that follow the backstory of one of the most famous zombies to yet appear on the show, bicycle girl…

…oddly, all six of the “episodes” will show up on AMC’s website at the same time on Monday, October 3rd at 2:00pm (eastern). I would image keeping an eye on this Walking Dead homepage would be a safe bet.

Expect to get more of a glimpse of the chaos of the zombie takeover as the story will follow the bicycle girl from before the outbreak to point at which she ends up at the end of Rick Grimes’ gun.

Of course, I hate to point out the obvious here and note that if AMC wasn’t even willing to maintain the budgets as they were for the hit show, I can’t imagine they dedicated massive resources to these shorts. Depending on the approach though, they could be entertaining bite-sized chunks of apocalyptic mayhem.

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