BatThe teaser poster for Batman Begins premiered online late last week, depicting an iconic image of a hunched Dark Knight sort of hovering before a fiery stormfront (see it HERE). 

Now the international poster has popped up, and instead of a shadowy snapshot of Bale in costume Photoshopped onto a fearsome sky, we find him hanging out in the Batcave with a flock of his inspirational winged friends.  I have to admit I like this image much better – it actually looks like a piece of artwork (or as they call it here in Boston: “ahhht”) that I’d hang on my wall next to the Mozambique fertility masks and commendations from my brief stint in the Special Forces. 

Although that’ll all depend on whether Chris Nolan’s movie lives up to its promise or proves to be one of the more soul-crushing disappointments of next year.