Last night HBO kicked the door down on dramatic television once again, showing up with some gatling-gun sporting Klansmen and the best of Atlantic City’s underworld. Along with that premiere came our first real look at Luck, which represents the partnership of the premium cable channel with a filmmaker you may have heard of, Michael Mann.

Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte star, and like Marty with Boardwalk, Michael Mann has directed the Luck pilot and will executive produce. I haven’t seen a ton of concrete story details, but Hoffman obviously plays an aggressive gambler who is bit bent out of shape after three years in jail and no respect. The show will dig in to the behind-the-scenes world of horse racing (maybe a Pie-Oh-My! cameo can happen*?) and all the requisite corruption, gambling and fucking that occurs there. It looks as tense, classy, and beautiful as you would expect from something like this from these people on that network.

Take a look at the trailer and look forward to January when the show premieres. Until then, get ready to explore Atlantic City again with CHUD… the Tag-Teams will return.

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*By which I mean a wheelbarrow of dust gets pushed by somewhere in a scene.