I just a little while ago wrote about a TIFF darling getting the American remake treatment, while at the same time an American horror film was announcing a deal with Lionsgate for wide distribution.

You’re Next has the benefit of an American cast backing its huge festival buzz, and apparently Lionsgate has made a deal that includes a healthy front-end and P&A agreement because the studio hopes to set it up as another slow-burn horror hit along the lines of Insidious. That’s a tough success to replicate (even home studio Film District hasn’t managed it), but You’re Next has gotten a very enthusiastic response at its screenings so far, and could be ripe for crossover success.

I always enjoy this specific kind of buzz from a festival in that the synopsis of the film is not particularly astounding, which suggests its the strength of the script and core filmmaking that is catching eyes. You’re Next is an apparently brutal home invasion-type horror film, that has a family fighting back against an aggressive assault while they hole up in an isolated house. Apparently one of the family discovers an aggressive side of their own.

The film’s director is Adam Wingard, who started directing horror films when he was 19, and Simon Barret is responsible for the script. Gentleman and genre-producer extraordinaire Keith Calder is involved with the film as well, so make sure to give him a “congrats” on his very active twitter account.

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Source | Deadline