This is just getting crazy. The list of cast members for Expendables 2 is ever expanding to the point where one has to question how all these people are going to fit into one film.  We have to be reaching maximum capacity sometime soon (and I can’t find any officially casting on any female characters yet, there has to be at least one right?  Someone correct me if I’m wrong here).

Most of what is going on for the production was covered by Jason Pollock.  What is interesting is that the latest casting news is a bit of a departure for what we’ve been hearing for months now, The Expendables 2 is bringing in some young blood to the mix, a kid who wasn’t even alive during most of the casts’ heyday. From Variety we’ve learned that Liam Hemsworth (younger brother of Thor himself) has joined the cast and will be playing a sniper. I can’t speak to Hemsworth’s talent – I’m doing my best to forget Knowing ever happened* and I didn’t see The Last Song because I’m not a twelve year old girl – but with a role in The Hunger Games his star is anticipated to rise at least among the teen girl demographic. Between this news and early rumors of Taylor Lautner being on a casting wish list it’s not hard to imagine that some producer along the way asked the question “how can we get more teenager girls excited about an 80’s action throwback movie?”  Perhaps they found their answer. Personally, and with no malicious feelings directed at Hemsworth himself, I hope they kill him off quick and let the old guys fight it out like they should have in the original.

*You’re welcome Nicholas Cage