Aside from the title cards, I don’t know that there’s a frame of this “red band tv spot” for The Sitter, that isn’t in the red-band full trailer. It’s interesting that studios are releasing red-band “TV spots” online as if they are suddenly realizing they can just cut whatever the fuck they want and put it online, and yet still have to cling to the paradigm of TV ads and such.

We’re all adults here studios, just call it a clip and move on with your day.*

All that said, I think I’m kind of excited to see this film. Moneyball showed a different side of Jonah Hill, but it reminded me that I actually really dig his screen presence. The premise is obviously pretty rote, but it’s all about the delivery with this kind of movie. They’re ramping up a big push for the movie though– I snapped this picture in Atlanta only a few minutes from my house a week ago.

You can actually call the number on the tabs and hear a cute message from Hill… 917-409-7838. I think it rotates between a number of messages, but ultimately points to the Facebook page where you can hear many of the different messages.

You know, I have no idea what a skinny Jonah Hill will be like on the big screen, but I’m sure it will work for him just fine. Perhaps being unable to rely on his appearance to bolster his attitude will force him to develop as a comedian, and we’ll get a better Jonah Hill in the long run. Either way, we’ve still got pudgy Hill in The Sitter, so enjoy it while you’ve got it, chubby comedian lovers.

*I assume all the online kids are behind filters or are just cybering each other over FB or whatever.