First order of business: Head over to Apple Trailers and check out the J. Edgar trailer in HD…

I’m not sure what the consensus is going to be on this J. Edgar trailer, but to my eyes Clint has applied his kind of boring, ugly epic drama aesthetic to a more personal biopic. It’s all that blown-out, silvery cinematography and overwrought posturing that makes his films feel less vital and more high-dollar Lifetime. I will say though, Armie Hammer has been shot with some serious reverence. They’re not playing the gay angle with particular subtlety.

Frankly though, the most striking concern is the make-up and the bizarrely earnest, but iffy accent Leo is sporting. I have no doubt DiCaprio has given his all to this part, but I think the level of impersonation may be overshadowing the depth of the performance in this case.

Let’s throw this out to readers… What’s your first impression of Clint’s new flick? Drop an opinion in the comments below and we’ll get a chewer consensus going.