Joseph Gordon-Levitt can be seen everywhere lately, attaching himself to great projects or at least projects with interesting concepts.  While I didn’t lose my mind over Brick like some people did I did come away from it thinking “that dude from 3rd Rock From the Sun has a future… who knew?”  Add in roles like in 500 Day of Summer, Inception, and especially GI Joe* – where he made an otherwise sluggish movie enjoyable – and you have a guy who Is establishing himself as one of the great actors of his generation.  In the next year he’s got 50/50, The Dark Knight Rises, Lincoln, Looper, and now Premium Rush.

I’ve had friends work as bike messengers who will attest to the fact that it’s not the safest job, so it makes sense that someone would eventually come up with a movie around the profession.  The trailer flashes a lot of style, bike stunts, and computerized shots of guys getting hit by buses which is interesting in its own right.  What is really interesting though is the prospect of Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon going toe-to-toe, matching wits and knowing stares throughout the movie.  I don’t need cameras attached to handle bars, just Michael Shannon looking menacing and Gordon-Levitt smirking in return.  That’s what will get me in a theater.  How about you?

*I know he’s been in more movies than this, this list isn’t comprehensive, just the bigger movies he’s been attached to.