We just got sent over this clip from Puncture, the intriguing drama about a drug-addicted lawyer getting his shit together to pursue a landmark case that would improve medical standards in a big way. The clip is pretty much just a single minute of Chris Evans being a generally electric screen presence rather than a curiosity-inflaming scene of drama, but it stills gives you a taste of the movie and a good look at Evans pulling off something very different than the heroics he became known for this summer.

There’s also another clip you can check out that I think is a little more electric and perfectly captures the main conflict inherent in a junky trying to take a high-profile case all the way to the top. That said, someone needs to re-select that YouTube preview image for this particular upload…

David Oliver saw the movie and really liked it, teasing as much in our September preview. Let us know what kind of read you have on the film, I’m definitely excited about it… twitter, comments, boards.

The full trailer is below. The film hits LA, NY, and Houston on the 23rd, will branch out from there. Hopefully it will platform with some enthusiasm, as I see no reason this couldn’t be a decent little drama hit aside from the general crowded nature of this fall.