WB went way back for remake material this time.

I’d be excited for any Soderbergh movie about to hit screens, but I’m specifically excited to see the director tackling the idea of global pandemic that fulfills our greatest cable-news-driven fears. Packed with the kind of massive cast that he is so adept at balancing, Contagion looks like a fine return to the mainstream for the director. It will also be his largest film yet, quite literally, as it will screening on IMAX screens across the company’s increasingly huge network.

Day and date with the film’s September 9th release Contagion will hit over 250 domestic IMAX screens, along with +30 more across the globe (which will likely expand). You’ll be able to see the film (which looks to terrify in a more subtle, profound way than your average horror flick), on the huge screens that have grown increasingly popular over the last few years and are accounting for more and more blockbuster revenue.

Obviously these will be remastered prints for the format as the film was not shot in IMAX but the sound alone is typically worth it.

We’ll be seeing Contagion soon, so look for our review(s) in no time.

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Source | THR