Variety is reporting that Shawn Levy has signed on to direct a new take on Frankenstein. There are many, many Frankenstein projects in development (sadly, none are a remake of the seminal classic Frankenstein Island) and frankly, this one doesn’t sound particularly interesting. It is scripted by hot scribe Max (son of John) Landis and focuses on “friendship and redemption”. Um, OK. Sure. As long as one of the “friends” is a murdering man-monster made of stitched-together cadavers, I’ll roll with it.

This project is getting the fast-track at Fox now that Levy’s Fantastic Voyage remake has stalled. What this means for the other Frankenstein projects, like Guillermo Del Toro’s long promised take, remains to be seen. But if Levy can bring the same stomach-churning nausea he brought to Cheaper By the Dozen, we’re in for one wild ride.