“I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now.”

–Edna E. Mode (The Incredibles)

Well here we are then… another Superman movie, another Superman suit. As is the new paradigm, no single day has gone by without a new cellphone shot of this or that bit of filming, with wild speculation and bizarre assumptions made from a postage stamps’ worth of pixels. But now here’s a nice, detailed (and story-spoiler free) look at the suit, with all of its design particularities including a pretty aggressive design element that adds some structure to the waist, and a generally more saturated and low-key color scheme.

I will give Cavill some credit, as it doesn’t look like the suit is having to do too much magic to give him a superhero physique.

Overall I think it’s a pretty cool looking suit, and I can imagine it looks nice in motion. As it is with the Spider-Man outfit though, making too strong of judgements on color and texture is a fool’s errand. So let ‘er rip all you armchair costume designers, just remember that a lot of these subtleties are designed to add detail to the suit and will be much more subtle when viewed through the camera’s lens and color corrected. At no point was this suit designed to look its best in full-blasting sunlight on a cellphone camera…

As for the lack of a cape in some of the shots, I would assume that’s because these were snapped during a rehearsal before I jump to any other, more fantastic conclusions.

I think these are the best picture with the best view, but there are certainly many more redundant shots if you’re interested at SuperheroHype.

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