I’m sorry, I’ve got no other response. With zero emotional investment in the Star Wars franchise (I love them as great and classic movies, don’t get me wrong), it’s tough for me to react otherwise to George Lucas’ now decades-long act of performance art that shows he understood the art of large-scale trolling long before any among 4Chan, Anonymous, or lulzsec even touched a keyboard. I just have to chuckle at the sheer incessant audacity with which Lucas gives SW fanboys the finger, and that for all the supposed apathy out there, how clockwork-like the response has become.

So what’s up this time? You’re likely aware that Star Wars is finally hitting Blu-ray, and may have even crossed your fingers for a while that they would include untouched original versions. That bubble has long since been burst, but now comes an added “fuck you” in the form of a little bit of dialogue tweaking…

Taking one of the most frequently meme’d moments in the entire garbage prequel trilogy, Lucas has now added two cries of “NO!” from Darth Vader as he tortures Luke, thus bringing the franchise full circle around and invariably linking Return of the Jedi with Revenge of the Sith in one more shitty way forever. I mean damn, that he may have added a frequently lambasted moment into a scene in which the old Emperor uncomfortably tortures the young hero is some serious meta-psychology shit. Is Lucas unknowingly begging us to toss him into a giant spaceship chasm?

BadassDigest has stated that this is a confirmed “enhancement” and that the video below represents another sad reality for Star Wars fans. What is also out there (but not as emphatically confirmed) is that A New Hope has a bit a tweak as well, in the form of a hilarious new cry from Obi-Wan to run off the sand people around Luke’s speeder. That’s below.

If either or both are true, my genuine condolences to anyone who this affects. What a cruel prank this fucking guy continues to pull.