Just out of frame: The Cowering form of Mark Steven Johnson.

I’m not going to be very measured about this– the new Ghost Rider trailer is fucking great. It promises madness, anarchic glee, and an actual understanding of how to make a flaming-skull man look cool, and I couldn’t be more excited for it.

Take a look (it’s in HD at Apple Trailers) and click any of the screencaps to Hell ’em up:

The combination of one of Marvel’s craziest heroes, the eccentricity of Nic Cage, and Neveldine+Taylor seems to have resulted in something that, at least from the cut of the trailer, looks to be the best kind of Ghost Rider film you can make… one entirely ready to revel in the shlocky goodness.

Now this could naturally turn out to be an aggressively stupid, CGI smear that doesn’t remarkably improve on the first, but I’m now guaranteed to give it the time of day to find out. I’m an unabashed Crank fan, so here’s hoping that’s the manic energy that’s been captured.

Some things I really liked?

• A demonic BAGGER 288 Cameo! (or a machine very much like it). I believe this is the result of the Riders new ability to turn any vehicle he uses into a machine of Hell. I’m into it.


• The look of Ghost Rider is more weathered and dirty- it really works.

I love the popping bubbles of molten leather.

• Idris Elba!


• Cage will be able to fully commit to the madness he only hinted at in the first film.


I’m curious what you think — twitter, comments, boards are the places to let me know…


By spending a week in Tijuana, Cage was able to pull this off at no extra cost to the visfx budget.