I think you know the score by now.

Attack the Block has been the lead movie geek buzz-film for nearly six months now, to the point that it’s almost become bothersome for people right as the film finally hits theaters in the the states. What’s wonderful is that, for the most part, every time someone new finally sees it, they get it. The film is good enough to stand up to the hype and still feel remarkable, indicating to me that it will long be a classic.

We’ve done our part here at CHUD to contribute to the good vibes surrounding the film starting with my SXSW review, my interview with Joe Cornish (which I think months later is still one of the best and most extensive on the web), coverage of the great soundtrack, the 25 city screenings, and of course the Sewer discussion thread.

Now I’m happy to add one more chunk of great to the pile… our in-person interview with lead actor John Boyega who plays the film’s central noble thug, Moses. In his first film, Boyega has managed to create a character that can stand proudly among the memorable actions heroes of Carpenter and the great 80s heroes in general. He’s a charming man, and I was lucky enough to get a few of his minutes while he was here in Atlanta to talk about his experience on the film and on the road. Enjoy, and then check out the ATB Facebook page to find out the nearest screening of the film– it’s going big.

Let us know what you think of the interview, if you’re still excited to see the film, or what you think if you already have.

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