Hey hey, it looks like ole Danny Radcliffe picked a winner for his first post-Potter non-Potter motion picture.

Called The Woman In Black, the teaser trailer (from Yahoo!) for the film promises a truly creepy, beautiful horror flick with lots of texture and ill-tidings. This is a Hammer film that remakes/re-adapts an 80s thriller novel that was itself turned into a play and a film.

The idea behind the story is pretty damn dark, as Radcliffe’s character Kipps visits a small village to settle some legal affairs, discovering a town racked by fear and paranoia. Soon he stumbles on the dark spirit that haunts the village and has to face it. Not an exceptionally fresh premise, except the idea is that whenever the titular “woman in black” is seen by the living, a child dies. Scary stuff, and we’ll also be getting some Ciaran Hinds in there somewhere!

This film seems to combine the creepy exploration of something like Silent Hill, and the classic gothic horror beauty of the upcoming Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. In fact with extensive child endangerment, intricately detailed backgrounds, and a general sense of ancient evil, Woman in Black seems like it will go hand in hand with Troy Nixey’s film (which you can see next weekend, or sooner thanks to CHUD!).

This one has one of those early-year release dates that have gone from being dumping grounds to spots that can work wonders for a genuinely good film. It hits theaters on February 3rd, 2012.

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