The title of this article is as bland and exciting as the new trend of seeing new photos from sets in lieu of content.

It’s 2011 so in order to be a movie website we either have to make up news, do hit whoring articles that mean nothing, or post the set photos from movies about superheroes. We’ve done a decent job of not running every dumb shot of someone on the set of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming cowl movement but every once in a while a bone must be thrown.

This is that bone, a shot of Chris Evans in his Captain America getup for Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. I love ol’ Cap. I saw the movie twice and liked it better the second time. I was a stickler for the powers that be keeping the costume as true to the comics as possible but as is often the case, what works on the page doesn’t work on the screen. They did a solid job with the retro outfit Mr. America wore in the film but this looks a little weird.

Follow this link to see a few more, including the snazzy Evans lounging with the crew between shots. Here’s hoping tomorrow we can show Mark Ruffalo with dots on his face enjoying a craft services donut.

Thanks to the always phenomenal Brian Henne and this gossip site that could probably buy us out with their lunch money.