I’m going to go ahead and predict that new rumors of Warner Brothers cooking up a Superman/Batman team-up (originating from Think, McFly Think) are, at best, scraps of inside studio discussion that are either outdated, or misconstrued from larger talks. I’m fairly certain that I’d be going out on a shakier limb with this one if I predicted that I might poop at some point in the next week.

To be fair, TMT does admit that even these plans might have changed with Robinov and other WB execs vaguely alluding to Justice League and other plans. In the event the rumors represent something true though, they would indicate WB is generating a post-Nolan trilogy plan that will unite Snyder’s Man of Steel Superman with an extension of Nolan’s Batman in some sort of mentorship role. The variable is whether or not Bale would return to the rubber suit… if WB could convince him to continue with the character in a post-Nolan film, then Batman would apparently be mentoring Supes. If the studio found themselves needing to re-cast the bats, then it seems Superman would become master to Wayne’s student. Kind of gross, no matter which way they’d end up going.

Again, this all sounds like half-assed info, but it is worth noting that apparently Bale’s contract for Batman included three films and a team-up film. If Warners is that desperate to keep making Bat dollars beyond the obvious franchise, being able to market either a) a combination of their hit Superman and Batman franchises together, with Bale’s last time in the cowl, or b) their hit hero Batman mentoring the less successful Superman, in the ways of being a gritty, kickass Superhero. There’s some kind of half-formed mutant logic of a plan you can pull out of all of that, I suppose. Still a load of horseshit.

Regardless, with a site like i09 pickup on the story you can expect your lesser informed friends to be reciting it as a fact later in the week (probably the same guy on your FB feed who’s still convinced JGL will end up as the Riddler). Be prepared, if you’re the “movie person” in your group…