There’s a big new batch of posters out in the world this Monday, so I thought I’d run them down for you. Here we go…

First up, two classy retro posters for Drive, which has taken to using a nice big un-apologetically pink logo atop images of Ryan Gosling looking casually badass.

Shifting gears we’ve got the leavings of a fucked pie that pulls on familiar imagery to sell the latest in the now eight-part series that has long been a DTV property, American Pie. They’ll milk the IP for a feature-length sequel one last (or at least we hope last) time though, with American Reunion.

Here’s a poster for In Time— bland but selling the memorable arm-clock imagery of the film. I’ve been excited for this since it came out of left-field at Comic Con with a concept that mixes Logan’s Run with contemporary issues of class warfare and the economy.

Here’s a lovely poster for Carnage, Roman Polanski’s adaptation of the award-winning play. I’m quite eager to see this, as it should be a potent mix of comedy and drama.

Finally, here’s a treat in the form of an Alex Pardee print that is selling a triple-feature of Edgar Wright’s films. It’s filled to the brim with awesome detail, so if you’re a fan of Edgar’s prepare to stare for a few minutes…

Oh, and one more treat…

If you remember we debuted the Old Murder House Theater crew’s Back to the Future Live! and revealed their next project. Many months later and Robocop Live! was a resounding success that nearly tore the Alamo Drafthouse’s Highball stage to the ground, and now the poster for the event is up for you to nab. Check out the highlight reel from the event, if you didn’t make it by or aren’t an Austin local.

I know which is probably your favorite, but do any of the other posters get you interested in the flicks if you weren’t already? Twitter, comments, boards — have at ’em.

(via IMP Awards, JoBlo)