Take-Two Interactive, publisher for developers Rockstar and 2K Games, unveiled an intentionally cryptic placeholder site this morning featuring the following banner:

If it were any other publisher, we’d be content to let this public marketing gimmick play out elsewhere, but since it’s Take-Two, we’re willing to take the bait just this once.

So what’s Citizen Skywatch? It sounds like a possible tie-in to BioShock Infinite’s terrifying airborne Republican cities, but at this point, it seems late to bother with the subterfuge.   Is it a new Rockstar game? A Firaxis sequel? An alternate reality game? So long as it isn’t another godforsaken alien invasion IP, the outcome will likely be good news. Expect some sort of a reveal at either the ongoing GDC Europe, or (less likely) at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Source: Joystiq