So it’s official: Riddick, the new, um, Riddick movie is officially casting. This means, barring a disaster, we will get another movie starring Vin Diesel as the goggled space-merc with David Twohy at the helm.

And you know what? This movie sounds like it could be kind of awesome.

I have always seen the potential in the Riddick character. I like Pitch Black although I don’t think it’s a classic. I get what Chronicles of Riddick was going for but let’s face it, that movie was overreaching and had its head up its own ass. That was not where the character needed to be. But from the spoilerific plot description up at Moviehole, it sounds like Twohy has course-corrected the whole affair (in a clever way that avoids the dreaded hard-reboot) and gets our boy back where he needs to be — fighting space monsters and other mercs. Add to that Diesel’s goofy, over-serious love of the character, and the reports that the script is cracking and chocked- full of violence and great character beats, well damn, sign me up!