Kicking your cable subscription into the sun is still not an ideal solution for everyone, even if it’s becoming increasingly easy to consume all the media you could ever want through legitimate means without it. For some people there are still things being broadcasted that they enjoy and can’t get elsewhere, or who have a service with enough on-demand and other features to make it worth it. If you’re someone who is teetering on the edge and considering making like a tree and getting the fuck out of the cable game though, perhaps Lionsgate Entertainment has finally provided a good reason: Tyler Perry might be expanding his TV presence from two simple half-hour programs to a full cable network.

The speculation comes from the New York Times, with a THR story today following up with words from Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer to investors that did not confirm the speculation, but did nothing to dispell them either. At this point I’ve moved on from overtly trashing Perry (I feel I’d need to see his films to comment with any legitimacy, and I just simply don’t want to fucking do that), but I have no issue reading the (mostly unrelated) disturbing subtext of Feltheimer’s comments.

“Tyler is one of those rare resources that one could launch a channel with. We have a lot of options if we choose to go down that path.”

There’s something vaguely creepy about the LGF CEO referring to Perry, who creates media specifically catered for African Americans, as a “resource.”  You would think he could pick a better phrasing, perhaps referring to him as “a filmmaker” or “a producer” or perhaps refer to a “brand” that “Tyler has created.” In fact, when he does call him “a talent” he calls him a “rare piece of talent.” Come on, let the brother have his human existence in your corporate speak man. Yeesh.

Just so you know (while I did cock an eyebrow) I’m taking the piss– not genuinely suggesting any of that is actually malicious, or a thing at all. Dude could pick better words is all I’m suggesting.

As for the network, obviously this is all still rumor wrapped in speculation, but Feltheimer did at least acknowledge the various roads Perry and LGF could go down with the goal of creating a channel, including rebranding something that exists, or incubating it within a station like TV Guide. You can read all of the related and flattering numbers about what kind of money Perry has made for Lionsgate at that THR link.

Going back to the original point; you’re no fool simply for hanging on to your cable, but I have to say that I’ll be looking back at my old subscriptions with even less nostalgia.

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