csaThis may not be news to you, but it was news to me. Then again, I just write the TV news here, so why would I be up to date with what’s happening on the boob tube?

At any rate, the Sundance Channel is going to premiere City of Men tonight at 9; it’s the 14 episode series that spins off from the incredible film City of God, directed by Fernando Meirelles, who also helmed last year’s The Constant Gardener. City of Men stars Darlan Cunha (Steak and Fries) and Douglas Silva (L’il Dice) from City of God, but they’re playing different roles.

Meirelles created the series and directed at least some of the episodes, although not all of them. I haven’t seen City of Men, but I love City of God and have been waiting patiently for this show to hit America. Like City of God, City of Men examines the lives of tough kids in the slums of Rio. It’s one part fiction, one part documentary and one part Martin Scorsese on a speed binge. If you have the Sundance Channel, you should check this show out. If not, I bet it’ll be hitting DVD soon enough.

Click here to visit the Sundance Channel site and see when this show gets repeated.