It looks like Warner Bros declared it DC Week, but forgot to tell us. Hot on the heels (literally … she is hot and on a bike) of our first official Superman photo rides our first official Catwoman photo.

The photo appeared quietly and without fanfare on, probably to keep ahead of all those set leaks.   After those Bane photos (and the bad buzz therein), Warner Bros must be eager to get this whole publicity machine back under control.

I do think they could have chosen a flashier picture to do it, though.   Your first thought has to be “That’s…Catwoman?”   I know Christopher Nolan was keen to stress that it was Selina Kyle, not Catwoman, and I’m sure many out there will take this as proof she’s going to be re-imagined into something different.  That could be.  I hope that’s the case, I guess, because this is a pretty uninspiring anything.  She could be Batgirl. She could be a DA with a leather and tech fetish. Oh, and perfect lipstick.   Anne Hathaway must have it written into her contract that she only wears the freshest, dewiest reds.  (Every action heroine worth her salt knows you only wear a nude or pink into combat. Red runs too badly, and requires too much upkeep.)

I’m not trying to be snarky. Really.  I just wanted the first look at Catwoman to be really, really kick-ass and exciting.   I still remember the first official image of the Joker.  That screamed intrigue, excitement and fresh character interpretation. This could be an action shot from any thriller.

I do wish I had the bike, though. The Batpod is sexy.