Buy me!I know this is a bit late, but in case you haven’t heard, Peter Jackson’s adaptation of King Kong arrived on DVD yesterday – so buy it through us by clicking here.

It’s a fine film filled with massive amounts of invention even if there’s some minor problems script-wise (read Devin’s CHUD review right here and George’s Creature Corner review over here).

So, in preparation for the 2-Disc Special Edition filled with creamy goodness – it’s filled with some fairly interesting extras (Production Diaries, clips, and comments) – we’re giving y’all a sneak peek at some Kong clips to get your hunking motor runnin’.

But first, a little surprise…


Pretty cool, huh? Who’d thunk, it? Now, chew on these good King Kong DVD treats. Enjoy!

Watch King Kong on his perch.

Watch Andy Serkis battle massive meatweasels.