Borderlands 2 Confirmed

Gearbox’s Borderlands was one of 2009’s best games. Spending fifty hours combing Pandora for guns with co-op buddies might have only scratched the surface of the game’s offerings, and the four subsequent DLC packs provided at least three amazing additions to the Borderlands gameworld. Sorry, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot.

It became the fastest selling new IP of ’09 and went on to sell over four million copies, making a sequel a near-guarantee. After some recent murmurs about Borderlands 2 appearing on developer resumes, Eurogamer confirms that we’ll be hearing an announcement from Gearbox in the immediate future, with the game arriving in (presumably late) 2012.

Expect more details after 2K and Gearbox make things official. We can’t wait to crack into a weapon chest and hear that familiar hiss.