Did anyone else ever find him that funny? I mean, fine, I’ll give people Garth from Wayne’s World. I’ll even give you Wayne’s World 2. Hell, some of his stuff from Saturday Night Live wasn’t too bad. I preferred Phil Hartman, but I can’t have my cake and eat it too.

But what’s this with the resurfacing of Dana Carvey? He was at the MTV Movie Awards, a prestigious event if there ever was one, doing a little sad banter with Mike Myers in their Wayne and Garth garb. And now I see, via Myspace’s annoying ads that he has a HBO special coming this Saturday the 14th.*

Did I go back in time when people gave a damn about Mr. Carvey? I’m rubbing my eyes to see if I’ve been dreaming, but no I haven’t. A guy who hasn’t been funny in about 15 years is back.

And yes, I did watch The Dana Carvey Show, which was more funny for his supporting cast (such as Steve Carrel and Stephen Colbert).

So does this mean a new Wayne’s World movie will be made? Maybe a Clean Slate 2: Electric Bugaloo will be next. Then ultimately a new Master of Disguise film. I can’t wait because I’ll probably be there with a spork in my hand, ready to poke my eyes out.

*A terrible, terrible movie too.