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I can only imagine the self-shitting that happens when you hear of Bin Laden’s death, after months of pitching a script about that very topic. The satisfaction of cherry picking from the studios, distributors, and various financiers salivating at your doorstep must have been immense as well. Regardless of all that, I’m glad it was Kathryn Bigelow trudging that script around town, and ultimately Bigelow that will get to shape what could very well end up being the lasting visualization of the event in American minds. There’s something inherently icky about filmmakers bum-rushing each other to be the first to cash-in on an event like this, and it’s nice to know an actual artist, who was already interested in this narrative before it was concluded, will be handling it.

October 12th, 2012 is the date that’s been set for the film– a date which some are already noting as politically significant. There’s apparently the idea floating that people’s minds could be changed politically by being freshly reminded of this particular success of the current administration, so shortly before they hit the polls. Well… I’ll just say such a thing didn’t help the Winklevi, and Michael Moore didn’t manage to affect shit back in 2004- so that’s a specious theory at best.

I do worry that the development of this project could be going a bit too fast though. United 93 is a film I continue to appreciate for so delicately visualizing an important event in this country at the perfect time. Its development was just close enough to the events to get first-hand details, involve families, and be pertinent without being disrespectful. I hope something similar can happen here, and that the last five pages of a thriller aren’t simply rewritten so that the famous mission can be shoehorned in.

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Source | Deadline (via Awards Daily)