Poor Ron Howard– can’t catch a break lately. Dark Tower in turnaround and apparently he’s been ignored by Sony for some of the projects he’s been after. This isn’t stopping him from hopping off the easy franchise and moving on from the work of Dan Brown though.

Deadline has the word that the director will take a step back from the franchise and focus on other directorial opportunities. Lest you think he’s short of work with Dark Tower not happening, keep in mind he’s also cozy with Warner Brothers and has Spy vs. Spy and Under The Banner of Heaven on his horizons. The former is obviously a MAD Magazine comic strip and the later a Mormon church-focused novel.

I don’t know what will ultimately end up being Howard’s next directing target, but I’ll give him credit for not making it another turn with Robert Langdon- the one role that manages to suck some of the life out of Tom Hanks. I’m also nowhere near the edge of my seat waiting to hear about his next project, so there’s that too.

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