pours in from the Groeningverse: The Simpsons has been renewed for two more seasons, bringing it to 19 seasons; meanwhile Billy West is claiming that Futurama isn’t just back – it’s back for 26 episodes.

I know I’m going to get mail about this, mail which will be along the lines of “Have you watched the last few episodes? It’s getting better; there were seven laughs last week,” but I wish The Simpsons would just end already. Enough already. This show hasn’t jumped the shark – it’s doing a fucking gymnastics routine over the shark. It’s pulling an Alan Shepard on the shark, going all sub-orbital on its ass. The worst part about the show nowadays is the bad taste it leaves in my mouth when it comes to the old episodes. I even stopped buying the DVDs because I can’t stand to even look at these characters anymore. I don’t know what the half-life of this bad taste is; I still can’t watch my X-Files DVDs, and that show only stunk up the joint royally for three seasons. The Simpsons has been a festering pile of unfunny for the entire teenaged years of some people I know who can now legally drink.

Futurama never had a chance to go bad, though, and I truly love watching that show. I don’t have a ton of faith in this news; sure it’s from Billy West, aka Fry, himself, but we’ve heard so much back and forth on this show that I won’t be counting my aliens until they shove their ovipositors down my throat.

Also, King of the Hill got renewed, even though it ended last year. No one cares, though, which is weird because the show is good and gets good ratings.