On August 10th at 9pm at Atlantic Station CHUD.com will continue its unbroken streak of Final Destination sneak preview screenings with part five in the series. In 3-D.

That’s correct, we’ve done early screenings for every film in the franchise thus far, and though no screening will match the maniacal laughter and hooting and hollering from our screening for the second film [so much fun that one was], the goal is to enjoy a whole mess of teenager death as a collective once more. The premise for this installment features a bridge collapse and once again the survivors cheating death only to get their mortality snipped later on in gruesome and clever ways. It appears this time that Tony Todd is more actively involved and that there is a little more backstabbing in this one as the survivors try to lead the others into harm’s way.

I hope it’s gory and fun. It’s rated R, which is cool. It has David Kochner, which is cool. It has annoying young people slammed away, which is cool.

So if you live in Atlanta and want to be among the folks who are huddled in the dark watching this mayhem simply use the link below, tell me why you read CHUD.com and hope you get picked! Winners will have a code sent to them allowing them to print their passes on Gofobo.com.

Good luck and don’t forget to answer my one little question!