Comic-Con continues to deliver the goods, and now that we have an official date for the premiere, that being October 16th, we also have the official 4 and a 1/2 minute trailer.

It’d probably be kind to say that some folks were just simply “disappointed” with season 1.  I wouldn’t exactly say I was disappointed, even though there were some things they changed or added that were just wrong to me.  The thing with the old folks home was jarring, the inclusion of redneck brothers Merle and Daryl didn’t seem right.  Altogether it was a weak first season but something I still enjoyed because, hey…it’s zombies on television on a Sunday night.

This trailer keeps the suspense high…way high.  The freeway sequence looks fantastic, and most likely the best thing done on the show yet.  You’ll see zombies go to church, you’ll see guns fired with reckless abandon.  It also looks like the Hershel’s farm storyline is going to be featured.  It looks good and I’m hoping it makes people forget the missteps that occurred throughout the first season.