This week is a little different. Mostly because I talk with my mouth full a bunch.

With the coming release of Captain America, Nick and I got into a pretty heady discussion about the quality of the last few Marvel movies and the studio’s overall direction. There’s a pretty strong line of disagreement, so the conversation is nice and meaty. In fact, the conversation was so stimulating that we ended up running longer than the camera was willing to record (so pardon an abruptish ending) While I didn’t get to dig too deep into my specific issues with Cap, our bigger-picture discussion is quite nice… Interspersed you’ll find some of Nick’s thoughts on other upcoming releases. We also provide you the brand new Amazing Spider-Man trailer with real-time commentary by Nick and myself.

We hope you enjoy, and apologies for audio that’s a little iffier than usual- we had mere moments to put this one together today.

This one is a bit longer than we’ve been putting out lately, so do let us know your thoughts on the length…


Here we go…

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