Not to be confused with David Fincher’s telling of the serial killer’s grim escapades (that one’s slated for release later this year, but knowing Fincher, I wouldn’t count on it), The Zodiac instead is an effort put together by brothers Kelley and Alexander Bulkley (the latter of which is also at the helm) with thespian action from the likes of Justin Chambers, Robin Tunney, Rory Culkin, William Mapother, Brad William Henke, Rex Linn, and Philip Motherfucking Baker Hall! Hey, I’ll bite.

A brief rundown of the proceedings from the official release: Based on true events, The Zodiac is a psychological thriller detailing a string of gruesome murders in the Bay Area in the late 1960s and the impact on the victims, their families and the wider community. A small town cop (Justin Chambers) and his son (Rory Culkin) become obsessed with the Zodiac killer, endangering their family in the midst of the explosive media frenzy surrounding one of the most notorious and elusive serial killers in American history.

Below, you’ll have access to three exclusive clips from the film as well as the official trailer (there’s actually a bigger, better quality trailer over at the official site here – though it’s still streaming media… dammit).

The Zodiac opens in Los Angeles and select markets on March 17 (the DVD is expected to street sometime in August). Enjoy, cretins!

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